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One to One

Therapeutic Sessions

for Adults

A tailor-made, personalised series of weekly, hour-long sessions for adults, which take place in the comfort of your own home or an area of your choosing.

Helping with difficulties such as:

* Anxiety

* Depression

* Low Self-esteem

* Anger

* Recovery from trauma/abuse

* Self-Harm, among others

Included in your booking will be support and care throughout the week via online interactions, calls or texts. You will also be added to our Mental Health Advice and Support Group on Facebook, and I will be available for 24hr emergency contact.

Adult Workshops

A series of hour-long modules based on a range of mental health topics such as:

* Understanding Anxiety.

* Understanding Depression.

* Understanding Eating Disorders.

* Understanding Self-Harm.

* Understanding Trauma.

* Understanding Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

* Understanding Suicidal Thoughts/Tendencies.

* Diagnoses & the workplace.

* Spectrum Diagnoses in adulthood.


Among many others.