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"I would highly recommend anyone with a young child to experience Coleen’s workshops!! My 9 year old and I had the pleasure of taking part in a 3 week workshop where Coleen provided information on how to tune into emotions, comfortable or uncomfortable, understand why these emotions may be apparent, how to recognise them for what they are, and how manage them!

This information is crucially important for any child whether they maybe a worrier or not! Coleen taught us how to understand that worrying can be troublesome but what’s also important is that it’s just an everyday emotion, equally as important as feeling joyful, etc!

Therefore, she taught my child ways to recognise it, talk about it, consider ways of expressing fear and anxiety and finding ways to deal with it. She provided a toolkit which children can use to express emotions, open up and also most importantly, live in the moment rather than worry about past or future worries!

As I say, any child would greatly benefit from having this toolkit and using it so we can all learn to be positive thinkers!!!!"

—  Diane McGarvey, September 30th, 2018